MADEUP's Best of 2016


A surreal and poetic performance of sound and vision, The Viewing is an unsettling experience in a vacant home, where a strange and unusual woman will tell you her story.


A journey through memory and fear, this is a unique, experimental, multi-sensory project which explores the complex identity of the home and the tenant, distorting perceptions and blurring the lines between live music and theatre. Utilising sound, song, visual art and movement.


"Promenade and site-specific theatre very rarely affects an audience as deeply... exquisite storytelling, abstract style, beautiful soundscape, and unexpected emotional sucker punch."

Made Up Liverpool

Composed & performed by Fionnuala Dorrity


Creative team: Alex Rigg, Al Seed, Guy Veale, Phil Saunders, Steph O'Hara, Ehquestionmark, Carl Cockram and Anna Levin


Full review here

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